AS per FOREST HILL- Green Condo Design in Rome by MBA

FOREST Hill – Green Condo Design in Rome by MBA
Imaging a Condo comunity where, green, animals, people and clean energy live together.
Main features:
-Roof top:
1- 200sqm PV generator: 40Kwh
2- 100sqm vegetable garden
3- Fruit trees
4- Bee hive (honey production)
5- Butterfly recovery
6- Meteoric Water collection
1- Hanging plant pots
2- Vertical green panels
3- Bird recovery
4- Extra large living balcony
-Ground Floor:
1- ADA compliant access
2- Waste collection system
3- Fruit trees
4- Videocall and touch panel
5- Bicycle parking rack
- Underground parking with electric car charging station.






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