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W5 : Francesco Bedeschi, Riccardo Hopps and Andrea Camilletti, Architects, ARCHitects Green Building Alliance & Massimiliano Mandarini , Architect, Designer Marchingenio & Giuseppe Todisco, Architect, Designer, Architettura Sostenibile, Italy


ARCHitects – Established in 2010, ARCHitects Green Building Alliance is a group of young professionals with skills in the field of sustainable architectural design, urban and environmental planning and green building consulting with reference to LEED qualification. Francesco Bedeschi, Riccardo Hopps and Andrea Camilletti have been actively involved since its origin with the Green Building Council Italia. Francesco Bedeschi is a faculty with the University of Arkansas Rome Study Center, and a member of the executive board of GBC Italia, Riccardo Hopps is the chair of the Chapter Lazio and Andrea Camilletti is the vice-chair of the Chapter Lazio.

Massimiliano Mandarini Architect – Designer, consultant and coordinator of various projects is active in the public and private sector. Professor at the Laboratory Third Year Degree, School of Design and School of Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano, he is an expert in sustainable development, energy efficiency, eco-architecture, design for local development and better use of land and cultural and environmental resources. Board member of Green Building Council Italia. Marchingenio srl develops and improves sustainability’s culture in projects with special attention to people and the

Giuseppe Todisco, Architect, Designer and professor at several Schools of Architecture, founded “Architettura Sostenibile” in 2007 for the research, study and design of eco-compatible architecture, including integration of renewable energy systems. Giuseppe won several competitions, among them the Sun Tower in Beijin, China and the Area Ex-Pezzullo in Eboli. Giuseppe has published several works including the newly published M.A.R.S. 2012 -

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